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At Wellness Medical Center and Spa in Miami, Florida, Osmani Ramirez, NP, and the team provide Emsculpt® for body contouring when you need help with the stubborn areas of fat you can't seem to get rid of, despite changes to diet and exercises. Emsculpt features innovative high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy and helps build muscle at the same time it burns fat. Learn more about Emsculpt by calling the office or booking your visit online today.

Emsculpt Q & A

What is Emsculpt?

Body contouring with Emsculpt allows you to improve the shape and tone of your abdomen and buttocks. Like other non-invasive body contouring procedures, Emsculpt targets the areas on your body that seem resistant to your efforts from diet and exercise.

Emsculpt is unlike other body contouring procedures because it builds muscle while it melts away fat. Based on the results of several independent studies, Emsculpt leads to an average of 19% reduction in body fat and a 16% increase in muscle mass. Whether you want a flatter stomach, more defined abs, or a non-invasive butt-lift procedure, Emsculpt can help you get the body you’ve been looking for.

Am I a good candidate for Emsculpt?

If you’re already in good shape and physically active, and are looking for more definition in your abdomen and buttocks, Emsculpt can be an extra boost to your workout. Emsculpt isn’t a substitute for exercise, but it can get more dramatic results than exercise does by itself by working your muscles in different and more intense ways.

A good measure of whether Emsculpt is right for you is if you have less than an inch of pinchable fat in the area you’d like to treat.

What happens during an Emsculpt treatment?

You first meet with the team at Wellness Medical Center and Spa to make sure that Emsculpt is right for you. Then, at your appointment, you lie down and relax for half an hour while the Emsculpt machine stimulates the muscles in your abdomen and/or buttocks. Body contouring with Emsculpt is a non-surgical and painless procedure, so you don't need to worry about recovery or downtime. 

After your appointment, you might feel like you just finished an intense workout. The muscle stimulation from an Emsculpt treatment is said to be equivalent to 20,000 squats or sit-ups, but you won’t feel quite that worn out afterward.

To get the best possible results, you should plan to undergo a few Emsculpt treatments within a two-week period. After 2-4 weeks, you’ll notice changes to the shape of your body and can expect continued improvements for several weeks after your sessions. Individual results may vary, but you can discuss with the team how many treatments you need and how often you should come in to maintain your results.

To find out how Emsculpt can help you achieve the body you’ve been looking for, call Wellness Medical Center and Spa or book online today.

*Individual results may vary